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November 17, 1999


In the beginning of November our campus had the pleasure of hosting a speaking event for Ms. Barbara Trent and we were especially fortunate to meet her on a first-hand basis. Ms. Trent's down-to-earth attitude and passion for her cause couldn't help but excite all of us in attendance. Her speech, "A Woman of Courage," was both inspirational and challenging. She tackled important issues that affect everyone in everyday life. Most importantly she spoke about how to confront these issues in our own community.

Ms. Trent is truly a living example of the message her work conveys. She demonstrates that anyone can be a leader and make a difference both in work and life. Ms. Trent was warm, personal and very honest with every individual she encountered during her visit here. Not only our students, but also all of our staff and administration enjoyed meeting Ms. Trent and hearing her speak.

We highly recommend that her message be heard. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at:

Renee Fresquez: fresquez@chs@mscd-scolas
Amber Stewart:

Yours sincerely,

Renee Fresquez
President of Metro American Indian
Students for Empowerment
Metro Student

Amber Stewart
Student Assistant for
Leadership Education
Chair Representative for
Colorado Public Interest
Research Group, Metro Student


To book Barbara to speak at your institution contact:
Empowerment Project
2007 Jo Mac Road
Chapel Hill NC 27516
Phone: 919.967.1963
Fax: 919.967.1963


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