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What critics are saying about Coverup: Behind the Iran Contra Affair

Los Angeles Times. Michael Wilmington
"For sheer sensational allegations per minute of screen time, Coverup would be hard to top...a chillingly lucid and consistent argument...For anyone interested in the Iran-Contra affair, it's probably required viewing."

Chicago Tribune. Dave Kehr
" unusually calm, coherent and persuasive piece of work...Many similar and related allegations have already surfaced in the press, but it's the accomplishment of Coverup to weave those allegations into a consistent, plausible pattern...a movie to be reckoned with..."

Denver Post. Howie- Movshovitz
"A challenging piece, very much worth seeing, no matter what your politics."

Los Angeles Herald Examiner. David Ehrenstein
"Coverup offers welcome light on a subject that has so far only generated heat...Coverup does manage to do something the hundreds of hours of televised testimony didn't make some sense of one of the most bizarre international political fiascoes to ever involve the U.S. government."

San Francisco Chronicle. Calvin Ahlgren
"...a sordid political thriller...What is novel about the film is its piecing a whole cloth out of the tatters of fabric, the facilitation of a point of view that is chillingly...convincing."

Idaho Statesman. David Ensunsa
"The filmmakers show that the Iran-Contra connection was a large conspiracy run by the shadow government' composed of powerful individuals who were willing to break International laws."

N.Y. Village Voice. Georgia Brown
"...hurls some hefty accusations...It briskly and aggressively zeros in on outrageous, officially 'forgotten' issues and incidents...Those of us credulous enough to expect that answers would flow after the hearings, begin feeling pretty foolish."

The Oakland Tribune. Doris Worsham
"It is an explosive film...[it] strongly suggests that a more vigorous investigation remains to be done."

Madison Daily Cardinal. Kristopher Hoeksema
"Coverup clearly demonstrates this 'affair' runs much deeper than the public has been led to believe Pleasantly, this isn't a movie solely for history buffs. Journalists, and activists, but also for the average person who is concerned and intellectually involved with the present state of governmental affairs."

San Francisco Examiner. Barbara Shulgasser
* * * * (Four Stars); "RATING: 'I' for is hard to say what is more disturbing-that the charges in the film are so outrageous or that the accusers do not seem to be fringe-dwelling there a 'shadow government' presiding over an illicit foreign policy? Is Coverup the work of crackpots...? Take a look and decide for yourself."

Manhattan Daily News. David Hinckley
"The film prods us to press for also suggests Iran-Contra belongs in a larger context, traceable to the CIA's discovery in the 1960's that drug running was an efficient way to finance covert operations...[Coverup] raises questions that go beyond Bush, Reagan or Ollie North - to who we want guiding our national behavior, and how many of us mind if that behavior is cynical, uncaring or flat-out stupid."

N.Y. Post. V.A. Musetto
"Coverup makes a persuasive's quite convincing   and darn frightening."

The Reader. Henry Sheehan
"Barbara Trent's Coverup is...yet another reminder of the curious way in which Americans view their relationship to the Third World...[it] makes its points quickly and efficiently...This is hot stuff, the kind of allegations that the mainstream press never prints without a host of eviscerating qualifications and denials...[T]hese experts and witnesses...are a persuasive group, and not many of them seem to be shooting from the hip."

Variety. Todd McCarthy
"Politically potent...highly explosive...Coverup keeps the pressure on regarding a very murky area. Insisting that considerable more digging remains to be done."

Film Documentary. Joan Friedberq
"Coverup...puts together a scenario which reads like fiction, is backed up by convincing testimony and hard evidence, and is certain to be a hot potato...Coverup provides the viewer with convincing documentation and testimony from an impressive variety of credible witnesses."

L.A. Weekly. John Powers
"This new film from the Empowerment Project moves beyond the personalization of politics...and provides an extremely valuable corrective to the silence of the government and the mainstream media...Coverup focuses on the key issues you aren't hearing about... [it] offers an elegant and damning presentation of inelegant and damnable facts about our government's behavior."

St. Louis Riverfront Times. Joseph Schuster
"...compelling...mind-boggling...What we're talking here is death as a political expedient, the suspension of personal liberty, cooperation with terrorists and drug runners."

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