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Destination NicaraguaDestination Nicaragua

Silver Award Winner: Houston International Film Festival

Narrated by Tyne Daly

Witness the experiences of average Americans who embark on an extraordinary journey out of conscience and an intense desire to understand Nicaragua and the impact of U.S. foreign policy on their citizens.

At last, a hard-hitting yet informative and entertaining program about one of the hottest and most controversial issues of the 1980's--Nicaragua. Experience the adventures of U.S. citizens as they embark on an extraordinary journey to this hotbed of Central America. Travel with them as they discover for themselves the people, the issues, and war zones. Visit the mothers of the martyrs, watch the contras as they embark on their covert missions, and join thousands as they take this issue back to the streets of America.

".. convincingly puts the lie to Reagan's hooey about Nicaragua being a 'Soviet beachhead."
--John Powers, L.A. weekly

"The producers could have focused on the graphic nature of war but instead presented the options that people have in promoting peace in Nicaragua."
--Greg Wyatt, KTTV-Los Angeles

"...revealing the breadth and diversity of the organizing efforts in the U.S. attempting to change Reagan's policy in Central America."
--Reggae Norton, Washington Office on Latin America

Produced by: Barbara Trent and David Kasper
An Empowerment Production
Music by: Jorge Strunz, Charlie Haden, Phil Ochs and Arlo Guthrie

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